Window Cleaning

We use professional squeegee equipment and if appropriate purified water fed poles with brush heads to clean your windows.



a) The standard window clean includes only the glass, not the window frames, sills or tracks, these can be requested and are optional and carry additional fee. 

b) If you have hard water (calcium/magnesium deposits) it will not come off with any standard window cleaning, we can treat those but it is a time consuming task and is not included in our standard quotes. This is also an optional service and is charged based on hours/operator. Same applies if you have builder's clean type requirements (cement, paint, silicone and other stuff on your glass), it can be done but not included in the price of standard window clean.

c) We do not use steel blades when we do builders clean, only solvents, microfiber/cotton cloth and rubber squeegee which none of them can harm or damage the glass therefore we do not accept liability for any damage such as scratches on the glass (due to manufacturing, transport, building or any other reason. Therefore any damage on the glass cleaned is deemed preexisting.